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Cutting and Profiling of Printed Graphics

Bring Vibrant Images to Life With Our Cutting Machine

So, if you have been following closely what we have been saying about the types of retail display printing we can do, to promote your shopping and eating outlet’s products, promotions and offers you’ll have soon realised JCT are the people to choose when it comes to wide and large format retail display advertising.

Our wide format printing machines can print onto most medias: roll-to-roll canvas and paper that can be mounted or directly onto rigid media. The capabilities of our printers mean that we can print onto almost any material: vinyl, foamex, perspex, metal, magnetic, fabric and even wood. And the special inks we use, developed especially for use with the printers we use are flexible – so you won’t have to worry about the graphics cracking or splitting, whatever the material you’ve chosen to print on.

Ah, but that’s not all we can do for you business, no. It’s all very well having all those nicely printed POS (point of sale) items, but as the comes of the press they are either square or rectangle, rather run of the mill and wee bit boring don’t you think?

Well how about a bit of thinking on the wild side and make those colourful printed items come to life with our cutting machine, just think of it, your fruit & veg department can come to life with cut-outs of: oranges, apples, pears and bunches of grapes, but it doesn’t have to stop there, now your outlets can become more vibrant when boring printed graphics morph into colourful print and cut creations.

Our flatbed cutter is as precise as it is fast and capable of cutting and routing both rigid and roll to roll materials. And by having this service in-house alongside our wide format printing presses, all under one roof, means we can manage your projects from fruition to fulfilment, including installation, any shape, any design, any material – call us on 01425 480 881 or email  to find out more.